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Nowadays, sofa repairinng is not just about the fabric that is used to cover the sofa, but also the care that goes into making sure that the furniture piece is restored and maintained. With our sofa repair dubai service, you can be sure that your sofa has been restored to its former glory!

Best Sofa repairs in United arab emirates

Sofa Repair & Restoration

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a broken sofa with springs poking out through the fabric, then you know how absolutely frustrating it can be. You’re not alone; many people have had this experience and need some help to fix their furniture! That’s why we offer our Sofa repair & Restoration Service to get your couches back in top shape. Sofa repair Dubai includes replacing seats, with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather sofa cover etc. It might be expensive to just buy new furniture than it is to fix what you have. But, if your old pieces are not in pristine condition, the least you should do is take them to a professional and see if we can help repairs the sofa back to shape.

Leather sofa is a beautiful addition to any home, whether it be a modern or a classic one. Unfortunately, leather sofa is also a somewhat delicate addition to your home. Over time, leather can become damaged and worn out, and it can become very difficult to find a good upholstery service in Dubai. We at TC Sofa Upholstery Dubai are here to help you with our expert leather sofa repair services that will help you keep your leather furniture in perfect shape for years to come.

If you find a hole in your sofa, the best thing that we can do for this type of repair is to get out our patching kit. This will allow us tightened and patched up holes with fresh new leather so it looks as good on one side (or both) than when they were first made!

1. Sofa Refurbishment

Today it’s not just about getting a new sofa! Furniture refurbishment is becoming a more and more important part of our lives. The aesthetics change from room to room with old furniture giving way to the latest styles, whilst more practical elements can keep any home looking as good as new.

Thing you should keep in mind when you are going to go for your old sofa refurbishment:

  1. What is the current condition of the sofa, if any damage is found, and the type of fabric.
  2. If there are no visible signs on your sofa then you can consider choosing a new material or color for upholstery but if some areas need repairing like springs in cushioning etc., it would be better just take off old surface coverings only from damaged area instead replacing them with other materials as this will save money! If any parts needs replacement more than others make sure they get replaced first such as cushions before trying anything else.
  3. If you have expensive old sofa which have been given the best possible care like regular vacuuming, light steam or dry cleaning and covers have been changed regularly then it can be restored, it not will cost more.
  4. Sofa repair includes replacing seats, springs, with padding, webbing, and fabric or leather covers or rexine.

When you are in Dubai, the best place to get your sofa repaired is at TC Sofa Repair Dubai Restoration & Refurbishments. Whether it’s a sofa, a sofa bed, a chair or a settee, Even though we may not have the same abilities to do what our pre-grandfathers did, our craftsmen will do their best to get it back to its former glory. We can even repair the most broken of things. We repair luxury furniture and other household settee of all kinds. We provide the best sofa repair service in Dubai.

2. Sofa repair services near me

If you are looking for reliable sofa repair service near me, Our sofa repair service is here to help. Whether you need a new sofa cushion or you want us completely restore your current one, we’re ready for the challenge!

If do not want a new furniture but just need someone who can fix what broke on my old one? You are in luck because our craftsmen know how important is this sofa repair service – It’s worth noting before anything else- our all workmanship comes backed by an excellent warranty.

3. Sofa stitching repair near me

Having a cat or dog is a lot of fun, but they will inevitably do their business on your furniture. Luckily, our sofa stitching repair near me can keep you on ease to restore those ugly scratches or rips.

It doesn’t take much for your cat or dog to do some damage on the sofa because of their claws and teeth are so sharp! So, it is important that you don’t wait until they have done too many scratches before deciding What kind of sofa repair service should you be looking into when it comes time to sofas doing some stitching?

We’re happy talk through all options with no judgement whatsoever–we want this situation resolved quickly!. If “Sofa Stitching Repair Near Me” sound like something we can help fix then please let’s get started ASAP by contacting one out team today at phone number above listed.. Remember; Our craftsmanship come backed up

4. Couch Restuffing

There are hundreds of sofa repair shops in Dubai offering couch restuffing, but when you are looking for the best sofa repair service for couch restuffing, you need to consider the quality of materials being used and the level of experience of the people handling the repair.

The sofa restuffing Dubai services offered by a company should be able to meet your needs and ensure that your furniture is in good hands.

In addition, you should look for a company that offers affordable sofa restuffing services.

If you’re looking for new life out of your old furniture, cushion restuffing is an easy solution. Save money by giving your cushion a brand-new look without having to buy a whole new piece.

5. Do you want service for hole in couch repair?

Couch which is been used for many years will have many damages. There are a lot of people who want to find the best sofa repair service for couch restuffing, and they need it in order that their furniture is well taken care off by qualified personnel with an excellent skill level as possible.

6. Find a qualified sofa repair specialist in your area?

When you think of a qualified sofa repair specialist, what do you think? The truth is that there are many sofa repair companies out there who would love to help with your sofa. Finding the right specialist however can be difficult. We are the right company who can help fix your beloved piece of furniture.

There are plenty of things that need fixing on sofas these days; they’re often exposed to all sorts of wear and tear such as spills or pets jumping up onto them as well as being. It is best to share picture with us to know Sofa repair prices or call us to day to schedule inspection for sofa repair and service cost.

Do you need sofa repair specialists near me? We can help with that! Choose the best company on your couch, and get back to enjoying it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can place your order by emailing us at or you can call our office to place an over the phone order with one of TC upholsteries representatives!

We will need a few measurements for each piece and some pictures as well, we recommend taking them in person so that they are accurate. We offer a free consultation for all of our customers to come in and see what we have available!

Once you place your order, it will take about two weeks before the upholstery is completed with shipping taking another week or so depending on where they are going (local pickup would faster )

The cost depends on the type of fabric, and how much material is needed. The average cost for a sofa restoration starts at AED 300 with an additional charge if there are any wooden base or tears in your upholstery that need to be repaired before we can start working on it!

We offer free consultations so you know what’s best suited based off your requirement or existing design of the room.

  • Why don’t you give us the chance to pamper you with some superior quality upholstery services that won’t break the bank.
  • We are one of the best upholstery suppliers in Dubai, specifically for the indoor and outdoor furniture. We can design and manufacture anything you’d like using our best quality materials to make sure your project is finished on time!
  • Our only goal is to please our customers with the best of quality. Not compromising with quality from seed to harvest and even after your purchase would be definitely beneficial for you, but it’s not worth trading away our promise..
  • Our installation services charges are very low, but they’re not the cheapest.
  • We promise you will never have to worry about hidden fees with us or anyone we are linked to.

We have built up an excellent reputation, and we take pride on every job no matter how big or small it may seem to you! Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable about Sofa Upholstery, Curtain Installation, Blinds Installation.

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